How To Survive When You’re Card Dead in A Poker Game?

We have all faced this issue when playing a tournament, we’ve dealt with the worst kind of cards imaginable. You will hear poker players complaining about being card dead. Every player goes through this phase sometime in life. No matter where you go, you’ll hear this matter.

Being card dead means to deal lower-value hole-card and is a common situation in poker. Here are few ways you can survive card dead in a poker game in a rummy game:

Observe Your Opponents

One way of putting time in good use is to get a good look at your opponents. If you become a good observant in a tournament, you can easily keep an eye on your enemies. You have to look for what their hole-cards at showdown? How do they bluff? These are some of the crucial factors that you can notice at every table. Try to focus more on the two players to your left and on your right to prepare for your mandatory opening bet.

Blind Man’s Bluff

You should look to steal blinds whether you receive a good card or not, so when the action is folded, you have the dealer button consider making moves on players towards your left. If you’re noticing them carefully, you will know whether they are likely to fold straight away to a lot of raises when they’re out of position or they are going to defend. You can download poker games to practice before your live tournament.

Abuse Your Tight Image

You might not receive any decent card pre-flop, but you don’t show that face to your opponents. How you are altering your table image in a live game or online always depends on you. In an online game, your behavior dictates how others view you. If your opponents see you folding every half an hour, then they’re going to start taking your advantage when you’re in a worse position than them.

Play with Patience

When playing in poker websites, it is best to take mental breaks in between monitoring your opponents. You can read articles, browse the internet, or catch up with the latest news from the poker world. Taking a break and listening to music will help you keep your spirits and energy high, ready for the hands that can change your luck.

Remain Calm

One of the biggest guidance that anyone will recommend is to keep calm to ease through the pain of being card-dead in a tournament. If your opponents understand your move, then it can affect the game.

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