Different Poker Rooms Available In India?

In any online rummy game, the most alluring factor is the action happening in the poker room. If you are new to the world of poker and just wanted to download a game on your phone to kill time, then you must begin by understanding poker rooms or apps that are available for you. However, the functionality and user interface in a poker room make a big difference.

Let us check out the different poker rooms that are available in India:

  • FTR Poker:

FTR poker uses the same interface as Spartan poker. Their backend is the same which allows you to play on either side with access to all the games/tournaments. The information displayed on the interface is crisp and precise. Choosing a table or a tourney is very easy. Tournament lobbies display all the information. The software, app, and instant play do not have any glitches nor they take up a lot of network or hardware resources. You can also virtually customize everything in this software. It is also the only Indian poker room which supports HUDs or Head-Up Displays.

  • PokerStars:

PokerStars is also one of the biggest online poker rooms in India. The software is glitch-free and does not hog the network. The app provides the best poker rooms. Instant play also gives the list of tournaments or availability of cash games. The main lobby is clean and the existing filters make it easy to choose any specific games/tournaments. You will find everything is customized. Display of rewards, bonuses, and tournament tickets is clear. You will also find that  all the information available in an instant. One of the biggest factors that separates PokerStars from other online poker India games is its ability to integrate HUD software.

  • 888

888 is known as one of the largest online poker websites. It offers variations like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Seven Card Stud Poker. It has exciting features that can improve your gameplay experience. The user interface is also fantastic which is constantly improved. Here, you can even export your histories to your computer and analyze them.

  • PokerBaazi:

PokerBaazi is known to provide one of the best Indian poker rooms with a huge customer base. It works quite well on Instant play function.

  • Adda52:

Adda52 is the best and oldest poker room which operates in India. Functionality and user controls in Adda52 are managed quite well.

  • Poker Nation:

Poker Nation has gained a lot of popularity among players. Tough competition has forced Poker Nation to reinvent and re-establish themselves. They are continuously delivering a wonderful gaming experience to their players. Poker Nation can easily be accessed from all devices.

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